Ken Marino Is Joining The Cast Of ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ Next Season

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Ken Marino is one of the funniest actors today who works in some of the best projects (Wet Hot American Summer, Party Down, Childrens Hospital to name just a few), and now he’s headed to ABC to travel back in time to make things really hard for our favorite Marvel agent. Variety reports that Marino will join Agent Carter for its second season playing a mob boss named Joseph Manfredi, “a volatile leader in the Maggia crime syndicate.”

While we all know that the real villain on Agent Carter next season is Madame Masque, Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter always has something else blocking her path while she keeps her real mission a secret. Marino’s role is said to be recurring, so a swing dance with the mob looks like it’ll be one more thorn in Carter’s side. However, mob guys being mob guys, whatever will help Manfredi is probably something Manfredi will like — and whatever Madame Masque can do to stop Carter will also work for her. But even if the mob joins forces with Masque, the latter will likely see the former as some pretty small potatoes. Meaning that Manfredi might be a problem for Carter, but probably not for very long.

But that’s nothing but speculation. It should be noted that while Marino might not seem like the obvious choice for a show like Agent Carter, this will actually be a reunion for him and the showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas and their fellow executive producer Chris Dingess, who all worked with Marino on Reaper:

“We’ve loved working with Ken ever since he played a gay ex-demon for us on ‘Reaper,’ and we were so happy he was available for this role. His range is incredible — he can go from comedy to romance to drama with ease. Writing for him is easy, because he can do pretty much anything. And he used to have a karaoke room in his house, which makes him even more awesome.”

And now he’s joining the Marvel universe? If it was possible, Ken Marino just got even more awesome!


Cannot wait to see the Dubsmashes that come out of this.

(via Variety)