Being Kendall Jenner On Instagram Seems Fun And Insanely Profitable

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The Kardashian family and their posse are literally roll in dough and have no problem showing off their wealth. In addition to their television shows, fashion lines, and fragrances, the Kardashians have a secret-weapon type of income, and Kendall Jenner is merrily leading the way.

CR Fashion Book wrote a detailed breakdown of Instagram fees received by the most popular accounts. Most people use the social media service to feature pets, show off their latest dinner, or construct a life portrait that isn’t real by any stretch. In comparison, sponsored photos sound like a pipe dream, but are real for a select few Instagram presences. Models, especially the newest crop of arrivals, tend to nab the highest fees. The amounts they’re raking in are staggering:

“It’s also become fairly standard for social media usage to exist as its own contract term, moving beyond the previously all-encompassing “online” usage term … the three most highly ranked supers on social — Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Gigi Hadid, in descending order — are currently valued between $125,000 and $300,000 for a single post across their portfolio. If you want to reach a model’s audience, you’re going to have to pay a hefty additional fee for that.”

Mindboggling. Ridiculous. Impossible? Not at all. These companies will only shell out for a profitable investment, so Kendall must be bringing results. The Wilhelmina modeling agency (hilariously) claims that their models are “as authentic as possible” while posing with the most random objects. Here are some of Kendall’s saucy Instagrams for Uggs and more than one tea brand. Tea is so hot right now!

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