Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys Shamelessly Flirting Is A Good Reason To Watch ‘The Americans’

Who is the sexiest couple on television? Is it Rizzoli and Isles? Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill? Dog and Blog? All good choices, but hear me out: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, from FX’s The Americans, which returns for another brilliant season tonight (I’ve seen the premiere; it’s somehow even better than last season), should be in contention.

I mean, sure, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings are Motherland-loving Russians tasked with spying on the American government, and their marriage was an arranged sham, and they’re sleeping with other people…BUT have you seen Russel and Rhys in real life? They’re charming as hell.

They’re together off-screen, too, though probably without the same massive wig collection.