Matthew Rhys Drunkenly Asked Keri Russell For Her Number Years Before ‘The Americans’

Every week, our own Brian Grubb updates his The Americans Anxiety Report, where he ranks “the people and things we are currently most worried about on the show.” That’s basically everyone on The Americans, from Stan possibly dating an undercover Russian spy to Stan definitely living across the street from two undercover Russian spies to Stan letting his son date the daughter of two undercover Russian spies. Poor Stan (#PoorStan). But you know who I’m most worried about? The on-set crew of The Americans, especially when they’re filming a sex scene between Elizabeth and Phillip. That must be weird, right? Usually, actors are only pretending to “get in the mood,” so to speak, but Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are together in real life, so… y’know.

Just some food for thought the next time Paige’s parents scar her for life.

Anyway, the Emmy-nominated actors dropped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, where an audience member asked them how they got together. Unsurprisingly, considering he hosts a show called The Wine Show, it involved Rhys being tipsy. “I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single slip of a thing,” he said, in his delightful Welsh accent. “So I sort of knew then, when I was 26.” That was at a “kickball party” in 2000, when she was still on Felicity; they started dating in 2013.

Hopefully their story doesn’t end with one of them shopping at the saddest grocery store in Russia.