Annie Murphy Plays A Sitcom Housewife Who Wants To Kill Her Husband In The ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ Teaser

In the early 2010s, TV shows with swear words in the title were all the rage. There was $#*! My Dad Says, GCB (that’s Good Christian Bitches), and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, along with Fuck! I’m In My Twenties, How The Fuck Am I Normal, Dumb Fuck, and Grow the Fuck Up, none of which made it past the development cycle. The swear-word title craze went away for a few years, but it looks like it might be back.

First, there was The End of the F***ing World, but that was on streaming (at least in America). Anything goes on streaming. But AMC’s upcoming dark-comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself will make history as, I believe, the first cable series with “f*ck” in the title.

The title is an attention-grabber, but the show itself looks really good. Kevin Can F**k Himself stars Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) as Allison, “a woman who wasted the last 10 years of her life on this terrible marriage and she has this brilliant plan,” as the Emmy winner says in the teaser above. “She keeps playing the perfect housewife, but in the meantime, she decided to kill her husband.” It’s like WandaVision meets Lucky Louie, but with murder. I can’t wait. Kevin Can F**k Himself premieres on AMC on June 20.