Let’s Celebrate Kevin Nealon With His Most Memorable ‘SNL’ Moments

Kevin Nealon is 61 years old today, and to celebrate, we’re looking at some of the best moments from his 8-year run on Saturday Night Live. He pumped us up, and seduced us through the magic of subliminal advertising — hot sex. Let’s look back at all the times he sent us into fits of laughter.

Pumping Up With Hans And Franz


Ok, look, I understand if you’re sick of those State Farm commercials where they pump up Aaron Rodgers, but this is still a classic sketch, particularly in this incarnation when Schwarzenegger actually shows up. Alongside Carvey, this was Nealon’s most popular character by a wide margin, and represented the rare time when he wasn’t playing the straight man.

Mr. Subliminal


This sketch — brilliant— focuses on a man played by Nealon — sexiest man alive — who gets what he wants — hot sex — by using a version of subliminal advertising that really just involves him saying words really quickly. Amazingly, it works every time — Billy Dee Williams — and our subliminal commentator seems to live a charmed life.

Mr. No Depth Perception


As the theme song reminds us, everything looks like a two-dimensional plane for Mr. No Depth Perception, which gives him ample opportunity to embarrass himself. This would include talking extremely loudly to someone just behind him, and trying to eat food that is actually several inches away from his mouth. It’s certainly an amusing concept, and it might have even made for an interesting movie.

His Weekend Update bit for people with low attention spans.


Let’s be honest, in the age of the internet it’s easy to have a short attention span. In fact, I bet you have 15 other tabs open right now, don’t you? Yeah, me too. Luckily, Kevin is here to help with his commentary for people with short attention spans, reminding us the that the debate over healthcare reform is heating both in congress and…. in congress.

His friendly reminder that he’s no longer part of the cast.


Okay fine, I found a way to fit in two Mr. Subliminal sketches. Can you blame me? This time around, he came back to the show in 2001 to explain to folks that he was no longer on the show, and if you were watching him, it was a Comedy Central rerun. The thing is, the first time I saw this bit, it was when Comedy Central was rerunning this episode, which just made the whole thing even more confusing.

When he got to do Kevin Kline’s monologue for him.


When Kevin Kline hosted in 1993 to promote Dave, he decided to borrow an idea from the movie, and have a stand-in do his monologue for him. That would be Nealon. Unfortunately, things go awry when Adam Sandler’s Audience McGee figures out that this is not the real Kevin Kline, and says so as loudly as possible. At that point, Kline comes out and finishes the monologue himself. But hey, at least Kevin got to give it a shot.