Watch Kevin Spacey Go On A Gnarly 45 Minute Tirade Against Network TV

Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, a character on Netflix’s critically lauded series House Of Cards who is known to say the right thing at the right time to get what he wants. It became evident that Kevin took this character to heart while delivering the keynote address at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, during which he took the opportunity to lay into the network establishment.

You can see the entire speech below. 

Kevin’s speech hit upon some great points; driving home the fact that the current television studio system of focusing on ratings and the traditional pilot system is outdated, given the rapid growth and viewership patterns of viewers since the streaming video revolution began. And yeah, it is a revolution: just this past March, roughly half the data usage on the internet came from Netflix and YouTube (which are admittedly data heavy, but still).

Perhaps the best takeaway from the speech is this: “The challenge is; Can we create an environment where executives — those who live in data and numbers — are emboldened and empowered to support our mission, to have an environment with leadership that is willing to take risks, experiment, be prepared to fail by aiming higher rather than playing it safe?”

Taken in context, it’s almost as rad as his character in K-Pax. Take a gander…

(h/t: THR)