Kevin Spacey Whips Out The Old Bill Clinton Impression On ‘Letterman’

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Kevin Spacey didn’t do anything shocking during his appearance on Letterman, so calm yourself and get on the Metro train. Instead, he provided more proof that he does great impressions by pulling out the classic President Clinton impression.

Better yet, Spacey does it for Clinton himself. During the shoot for House of Cards, Clinton visited Baltimore and the two went out for coffee at Starbucks with a full motorcade.

It’s also cool to know that Bill Clinton has the same coffee habits at Starbucks that I do. “Would you like a super mocha frappe-chino deluxe venti freeze, sir?”

“Uhhh, can I just get a black coffee. Thanks.”

And with that, you get a glimpse into my amazing life. Exactly the same as Clinton’s life.  Congratulations, folks!

(Via Late Show)

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