Kevin Spacey Will Likely Be Written Out Of The Final Season Of ‘House Of Cards’

With the allegations of sexual misconduct being made against Kevin Spacey coming to light, the team behind House of Cards was put in a tough spot. As news that the upcoming sixth season of the Netflix original would be the last (a decision made before the news of Spacey’s transgressions became public), accounts of Spacey sexually harassing a number of past and present employees on the set of House of Cards also came out. These accounts painted an image of a “toxic” environment for young men on set, with Spacey appearing increasingly predatory with each new bit of information.

While fans of the show were pleased to hear that Netflix was exploring options for spinoffs, many were curious how the current production would continue. From the sounds of things, Spacey is on the way out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the staff is using the production shut down to rework the entire final season — that had largely already been plotted out — and write out Spacey’s Frank Underwood entirely. According to a source, “they shut it down to figure out how to write him out.” Honestly, if the final season is all about Frank’s demise and the rise of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), most fans would probably be onboard.

While Netflix has made no firm decisions yet, it’s clear that the wheels are definitely in motion to remove a predator and make the set a safer place for those involved.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)