‘Key & Peele’ Unleash The Highly Embarrassing MC Mom To Ruin Her Son’s Life

In the uncensored preview for this week’s show, Key & Peele release the embarrassing force that is known as MC Mom on an unsuspecting college student and his dorm mates. What plays out is not much of a surprise, but Mama proves that she has the gift to handle the mic and slathers her son with rhymes about what she’s found all around the house in his absence.

In typical Key & Peele fashion (which you might know a bit about if you listened to Pete Holme’s chat with Keegan-Michael Key from last Wednesday’s You Made It Weird), the sketch plays out in fairly predictable fashion until the beat changes up and things get damn real. The other guys in the dorm are damn impressed and it leads to a fine freeze frame at the end and then a record contract soon enough.

MC Mom makes Rick Ross look like chopped liver and would put Suge Knight in a headlock if he stepped to her. Just saying. She’s already destroyed her son’s world and there’s still plenty of blood in the water to keep her hungry.

(Via Comedy Central)