Key And Peele Take Red Nose Day A Little Too Far

From brightening up The Walking Dead to a musical about the nicest meanest guys in the room, NBC’s Red Nose Day special was all about making viewers laugh while trying to empty their pockets for a good cause. Helping those in need is always a great thing, especially when “those in need” consist of poor and underprivileged Americans (and others from around the world) who don’t have the luxury of watching a television special all about raising money for their benefit. Yet as Keanu stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele proved with their sketch, “Key and Peele Get Kind,” sometimes generosity can go a bit too far.

“Hold on,” you’re probably thinking. “It’s impossible to be too generous.”

That’s a fair point, but only if the givers aren’t trying to out-give each other in a contest that’s more about competition than helping others. Hence why Key and Peele end up trying to up the ante with greater monetary donations. Like calling their shared financial adviser, Terry, to sell homes, liquidate all available assets and send the profits (or lack thereof) to Red Nose Day. Meanwhile, their wives gasp as every piece of property they own (and don’t) is offered as tribute to the great red nosed-god himself, Mr. Craig Ferguson.

The moral of the story? Give to Red Nose Day, but do so in a non-competitive environment. Otherwise you’ll be hunting for rats in a dumpster.