Key And Peele Talk About Their Most Popular Sketch, Pitch A New Version

Key & Peele (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele) were on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to hear Kimmel’s unfunny complaint and to talk about how they met. But the best part of the interview (video above) came when they started talking about their most popular sketch, the silly name filled “East/West College Bowl”.

They seem surprised at the popularity of all their silly name sketches, like the substitute teacher sketch and everything East/West College Bowl. It’s a sketch people often bring up to them, with Key saying people like to yell “Quackadilly Blip” at him.

The best part comes when Peele points out there are white kids with silly names, too, and they launch into a bit about lacrosse players with monikers befitting their own “East/West College Bowl” style sketch.

We look forward to their lacrosse version of a silly names sketch. And, what the hell, here’s are a couple of their classic sketches again: