Key & Peele And Other Comedy Central Stars Discussed Their Most Controversial Scenes At PaleyFest

The Paley Center For Media's 32nd Annual PALEYFEST LA - A Salute To Comedy Central - Inside
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Nine panelists representing five shows appeared at Comedy Central’s PaleyFest panel on Saturday. When you throw personalities from the likes of Key & PeeleBroad City, and Workaholics together, expect the type of tangental comedic chaos one might see in an Improv Comedy workshop…only better. According to Deadline, a few questions managed to break through including one about the network’s role in giving script notes:

Holm said Comedy Central became slightly more involved in Season 3 of Workaholics but who cares? “We’ll crack the jokes we want!” he said to audience cheers.  And hard to tell whether fellow cast member Anderson was joking when he recalled a note about the guys wanting to attend a Rihanna concert: “I don’t know, seems kinda like, gay to go to a Rihanna concert.”  Anderson added with mock-seriousness that obviously the note-giver did not “understand the force that is Rihanna.”

According to THR, one of the most dangerous sketches ever shot on Key & Peele was 2013’s Miami Vice send-up “L.A. Vice”:

Key recalled a 2013 L.A. Vice sketch in which they blew up a car — necessitating him to be closer to the blast than anyone else on the crew.

“They said to me ‘you got to be here for this shot. The rest of us go over there,’ ” said Key, who was teased by his peers throughout the panel, with Kroll and the Workaholics guys all talking about how they invited his comedy partner Peele to appear on their shows — but not him.

Abbi Jacobson gave her two cents regarding an improvised bit on Broad City:

Among the most buzzed-about Broad City moments came in February’s “The Matrix,” in which Ilana (Ilana Glazer) has sex with a tree. It wasn’t in the script, so the network didn’t know about it ahead of time.

“At the show when we write it, we really want it to deal with important issues,” Joked Jacboson. After the cut went to the network, it sent a note asking what the scene was all about — but ultimately didn’t ask for any changes. (Via)

The Q&A ended with each panelist naming their comedy influences. From Deadline:

Newachek: Daniel Stern
Holm: Rick Moranis
Anderson: Jim Carrey
DeVine: Chris Farley
Jacobson: Gilda Radner
Key: Peter Sellers and Richard Pryor
Peele:  Phil Hartman and Martin Lawrence
Daly: Martin Short and Charles Grodin

(Source: THR / Deadline)