Key & Peele Helped Jon Stewart And The Best F*cking News Team Ever Identify Racism On ‘The Daily Show’

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (hereinafter referred to as ‘Key & Peele’) were on The Daily Show last night, and the always entertaining duo did more than fill the interview slot of the show. They actively participated before and after Jon Stewart’s epic Chicago deep dish pizza rant.

Tired of the media constantly debating who/what is racist and whether race is a factor in every story, Stewart decided to use the resources at his disposal (The Best F#@cking News Team Ever) to track down some real answers. He called upon Jessica Williams, Jason Jones, and Aasif Mandvi to break down some disturbing recent news stories in a round of ‘Racist or Not Racist?’.

It didn’t go very well. Jason Jones, in particular, had a rough go of it:

To aid Jones, Stewart brought on “impartial” judges Key & Peele. The duo provided an interesting take on the human disaster that is Richard Cohen:

Later on, Key & Peele joined Stewart for a traditional interview. The duo discussed how they met, the origin of their show, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, and Barack Obama’s warm reaction to their popular “anger translator” bit.

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