‘Key & Peele’ Explain The Dos And Don’ts Of Gay Weddings In This Hilarious Sketch From The New Season

Key & Peele is back this Wednesday night, thank god, and the show has been dropping some sneak peeks at sketches from the new season to build up the anticipation. Last week it was one about an alien invasion. This week it’s something arguably even trickier than fighting off a space invader attack: explaining a gay wedding to family members who want to be supportive but have … questions. Lots of questions. Lots of strange, off-base questions that say as much about the person asking them as they do about the ceremony. Questions about “gay hymns” and couscous, for example. I won’t spoil it for you beyond that, other than to say it’s really, really good, and that Key & Peele remains the greatest.

In a related matter, more of the guest list for the new season has been revealed. In addition to the appearances by Lance Reddick, Romany Malco, and Will’s mom from The Fresh Prince in this clip, the show will also roll out Ty Burrell, Anna Camp, Rashida Jones, Chelsea Peretti, and Retta. Hell yes, Retta on Key & Peele. Hell yes, gay weddings. Hell yes, everything.

Source: Out