‘Key & Peele’ Solved Marital Problems With The Wisdom Of Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Film/TV Editor

Comedy sketch duo Key and Peele continue barreling towards their inevitable series ending on October 7. Their multidimensional presence on Comedy Central will be missed, as their most recent efforts include using rap lyrics as evidence and revealing the unlikely genius of Gremlins 2. These examples reveal how they deftly target not only hot-button societal issues but also less consequential pop-culture entities. Perhaps some of their more memorable sketches could make decent movies, but the future is wide open.

Key and Peele‘s latest episode sends up a spoof of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series from FOX & National Geographic. Over the course of three segments, the two comedians performed their interpretation of Tyson’s home life. No one is an expert at everything, but one can only imagine how Tyson attempts to solve domestic spats using his own pop-science wisdom.

Jordan Peele delivered his best Tyson as Keegan-Michael Key stepped into fetching drag attire as Tyson’s wife. They ripped into Tyson’s method of explaining the most mundane occurrences. When the household dog, Sputnik, pees on the curtains, Tyson’s wife exclaims, “Neil, it doesn’t make any sense! You’re an astrophysicist! How can you not keep track of little details like this?”

Tyson tries to explain in his usual manner. “Well, actually,” he begins and walks towards the viewer. “It’s the little details that cannot be kept track of, by definition. In 1927, an German university lecturer named Werner Heisenberg…” When one considers the uncertainty principle, nothing as trivial as dog pee matters. The tactic works on Tyson’s wife, who just can’t deal with his crap anymore.

Tyson — who must be aware of this episode — has yet to respond to how the two comedians murdered his mannerisms, but he kept his pop-science dream alive on Twitter.

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