Key & Peele — As New Characters — Will Do Live Online Commentary During The Super Bowl

02.01.16 2 Comments

Key and Peele are coming back to television with brand new characters. Kind of. A little bit. For commercials. Big commercials. And they’ll be on the Internet, too.

Let’s try this again: Key and Peele are doing Super Bowl commercials for Squarespace, a website development brand that you may be familiar with if you’ve listened to any podcast ever. In the ads, the comedians will appear in character as Lee and Morris, the two feather-clad aspiring Atlanta sportscasters you see in the preview clip above. This, to be very clear, is wonderful. And it gets better. Sayeth Mashable:

The pair will also be doing live commentary of the game broadcast online — with one rather major hitch: Neither Squarespace nor the fictional characters have the rights to any of the trademarks related to the Big Game.

That should make for some entertaining dodges and work-arounds as the zany personalities try to talk their way around the NFL’s zealously protected naming rights.

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key doing live Super Bowl commentary as a kind of doofus version of Outkast, without the ability to use any of the official trademarked NFL material, just riffing about God knows what as they teeter on the edge of getting sued? Yes. Yes, this will do just fine. At the very least, it’ll be thousands of percent more interesting than whatever Nantz and Simms are doing. I mean…

(via Mashable)

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