Khloe Kardashian Says O.J. Simpson Tried To Kill Himself In Her Bedroom, Not Kim’s

One of the more entertaining things to come out of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson — aside from the obvious David Schwimmer calling O.J. “Juice” anywhere from several to more than a dozen times per episode — is how many ham-fisted Kardashian references have been crammed in so far. As in, the Kardashian offspring who have absolutely nothing to do with the case, but would go on to devise an empire of vapid fame.

The most notable example of this so far has probably been the scene in which O.J. Simpson, wanted in connection for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, threatens to commit suicide in “Kimmy’s” bedroom. And although that detail did incredibly happen in real life, Khloe Kardashian pointed out a slight factual error to James Corden following Tuesday night’s episode. While O.J. did indeed threaten to kill himself in their family home, it was in her bedroom, not Kim’s. (Poor Khloe even gets overlooked as the Kardashian daughter who had an alleged murderer try to off himself in her bedroom.)

She goes on to say that she is aware that the show is sensationalizing the Kardashian name, but she thinks it’s to smartly bring a younger audience in. That definitely must be it. Not because Ryan Murphy thinks it’s hilarious to invent a scene in which Robert Kardashian gives a speech to his children about fame being fleeting and hollow and meaning nothing without a virtuous heart, or another in which the Kardashian children delightedly chant their name after hearing it on television in conjunction with their father reading a possible suicide note from the man who may or may not have murdered mommy’s best friend. Totally the younger audience thing.