Kid Rock’s ‘American Badass Grill’ Inspires Stephen Colbert To Create An Equally Loud Product Of His Own

If you weren’t aware, you can currently own a grill personally guaranteed by Kid Rock to be made in the USA. The American Badass Grill is a portable grill for those camping days or tailgating parties where you sit around with your best pals and shoot guns at other, lesser foreign-made grills. As Kid Rock says in one of his ads for the grill, “in your face China.”

On its own, there’s nothing wrong with the grill. Kid Rock is an odd spokesman, but keeping it Made In The USA isn’t bad and the grill doesn’t look like complete junk. But as Stephen Colbert points out, it technically also counts as a campaign ad for Rock’s possible run for the Senate. It’s all him, Ted Nugent, and Colbert’s own creation, Shrieking Joe.

Inspired by Rock’s grill, Joe and Colbert are ready to introduce the world to the American Dumbass Fun Time Ice Cream machine. You know it’s good because it has a badass eagle on top that spins and its own tie-in t-shirt about having sex in the ice cream factory. This makes Colbert break down laughing, but only enough to stall until Joe takes aim at those foreign made ice cream makers clogging up American shelves.

And while Colbert’s little sketch if funny, it still pales in comparison to the real thing. If this political career happens, we have a lot of golden moments to look forward to from Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. It can only get crazier from here.

(Via The Late Show)