Some Kids In Boise Started A Band To Raise Money For Their Friend With Cancer

Earlier this year, after their friend had been diagnosed with brain cancer, triplets Abby, Gabby and Riley Keen and their friend Isabella decided that they wanted to do something to help Matthew Dittrich. So they picked up some instruments and started learning how to play them, because they chose to record a single that they could sell and donate the proceeds to people in need. To date, their awesomely-named band, The Runaway Hamsters, has raised more than $1,200 by selling their single, “Runaways,” at local Boise restaurants and through their Facebook page.

Earlier this week, the Hamsters donated $200 of that money to their school for a new fund that will help raise money for kids like Matthew and their families, and the rest will be donated to a local children’s hospital. Up next? Hopefully a world tour and all the fame and fortune they deserve.

(Via KTVB Idaho)