Killer Carol Is Making A Return For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8

Contributing Writer

After the grim an depressing seventh season of The Walking Dead there seems to be palpable excitement amongst the cast of the show about season eight. By all accounts, the series is going into full-blown action movie territory with comparisons to Schwarzenegger and Die Hard films being made by its stars. The latest person to share her pleasure at the change in pace is Melissa McBride, who plays Carol.

Carol went from meek and weak zombie fodder to one of the strongest and most ruthless characters on the show. But pacifist philosopher Morgan got in her head in season six, sending her off into exile on a quest to never kill again. You’ve pretty much got to hide under a rock if you want to accomplish that, and that’s basically how she spent season seven: in a cabin, doing a whole lot of nothing. But things are about to change.

“Carol is in a very different place than she was in season seven, which I’m really happy about,” McBride told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m happy to get her out of the cabin and in the fold of something moving forward. It’s going to be action-packed. Very physical. And suspenseful.”

But will Carol return to the same place that allowed her to make some of the darkest decisions on the show? Maybe not, but it sounds like she’s realized that sometimes people just need killing in the zombie apocalypse.

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