Kim Davis Told Megyn Kelly She’d Never Grant Her Gay Child A Marriage License

On Wednesday evening, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis spoke with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly about her time in jail and continued refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis, of course, did jail time for refusing to do her job, and she exited to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger.” Davis said her time behind bars was rough, but she survived by loudly singing hymns.

Kelly pointed out how Davis’ critics call her out for being “a sinner,” as she was married four times (twice to the same man), enjoyed an extramarital affair, and gave birth out of wedlock. Kelly asked Davis what right she had to judge others, to which Davis replied, “I hadn’t judged anybody.” Davis insisted that all her sins were lost “into a sea of forgetfulness” she found after giving herself to Christ. She’d also like her critics to stop judging her.

Kelly pressed onward, only to be met with Davis’ continued insistence that marriage is between a man and a woman, and her “rights” should not be oppressed. Davis says she’s great at her job and will not resign:

“It has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me. It has been about upholding the word of God and how God defined marriage from the very beginning of time … If I resign I lose my voice. Why should I have to quit a job that I love and that I’m good at?”

Then Kelly asked whether or not Davis would issue her own children marriage licenses if they fell in love with someone of the same sex.

“I wouldn’t allow them a marriage license. No way. I would love them because I love all people, but I would not write them a marriage license.”

During this ongoing saga, Davis has framed the issue as being about her rights as a Christian. Her job is to issue marriage licenses, which she is not doing in all lawful instances, but she still believes she’s good at her job.

In other Davis news, she’s now the subject of an erotic lesbian novella. Kim Goes To Jail tells the tale of a gorgeous woman seducing Davis. Let’s see a sampling of that prose:

“One day I’m standin’ on the side of the Lord against sexual perversion, and the next I’m in prison orange watchin’ a buck nekkid motherf*cking vixen ’bout to do impure things to herself and to my soul in one single, terrifyin’ act.”

Sounds spicy. Here’s the second part of Davis’ interview with Kelly on Fox News.

(Via FoxNewsInsider)