Kim Kardashian Sparks Uprising In The Middle East, Is Officially A Monster

If you follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter — or if you follow people who troll her relentlessly in the name of comedy, as I do — you know that she’s spent the past few days singing the praises of the Middle East, specifically the country of Bahrain, which she called “the prettiest place on Earth.” For example…

And this…

And here’s one she deleted…

Why the hell a) is Kim Kardashian in Bahrain and b) why the hell is she relentlessly extoll its virtues on Twitter? More than likely, Kardashian is being paid to do so by the brutal dictatorship there, because that’s what Kim Kardashian does, you see, and Bahrain’s ruler recently launched an ambitious worldwide PR campaign to try to enhance the country’s image. The evidence is circumstantial,  obviously, but the dots are obvious enough for a fool to connect them.

Kardashian also made a pit stop in Kuwait, where she hilariously sang the praises of a local dentistry group.

Yes, I’m sure this was a totally organic occurrence. No way KK got paid to tweet any of that.

Anyway, the people of the Middle East, unlike Americans, are actually willing to rise up in violent protest over Kardashian’s presence in their countries.

Reports the New York Times:

According to an Associated Press report, before Ms. Kardashian arrived at the milkshake shop, tear gas was fired at religious conservatives, one of whom was holding up a sign that read, “None of our customs and traditions allow us to receive stars of porn movies.”

The opposition activist Zainab Alkhawaja, who uses her @AngryArabiya Twitter feed to document the security crackdown in Bahrain for about 48,000 followers, scoffed at the words of praise from Ms. Kardashian, whose observations and endorsements are read by nearly 17 million users of the social network.

To summarize: American reality TV star Kim Kardashian is now in the business of using Twitter to help thuggish dictators put out a positive PR spin on their human rights trashing regimes, regimes known for throwing people in prison who dare to criticize them on Twitter. Think about that for a moment and let it sink it. This woman is a goddamn monster!

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to make me share outrage with radical Islamic fundamentalists.