Jimmy Kimmel Asks Some Random Clueless People To Judge George W. Bush’s ‘Paintings’

Entertainment Writer

Former President George W. Bush is currently making the rounds to promote his new book Portraits Of Courage and it still seems that folks are willing to forget things that happened less than a decade ago in light of the current White House situation. Bush stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday to answer some fun questions about aliens, how the administration dealt with Dick Cheney’s itchy trigger finger, and talk about his paintings.

But before that, Kimmel had some fun with the former president’s hobby and decided to hit the streets for Lie Witness News to see what people thought about the president’s “paintings.” Of course, none of the paintings shown actually belonged to the president but it didn’t stop the folks from smothering them with praise and critical thought. Who knew President Bush was such a big fan of Harry Potter and 2Pac? I would’ve taken him more for a fan of The Flintstones and Glenn Campbell. Poor choice of fake paintings.

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