Jimmy Kimmel Asks Real People What They Think About The Fake Crisis In Wakanda From ‘Black Panther’

Black Panther has provided Jimmy Kimmel with the perfect opportunity to take advantage of people on the street during his latest “Lie Witness News” segment. While the president had confused fake African nations for real ones in the past, a slight slip is nothing like believing the fictional nation of Wakanda from the Marvel comic and film is a real place. Also ridiculous is the idea that it needs saving or intervention from the United States.

Still, plenty of people seem to dive right into it and feel that the troops present is a divisive issue. A few think we need a presence there and that their valuable Vibranium deposits should be shared with the rest of the world (a bunch of Killmonger’s you might say). Others think we need to keep our noses in our own business and leave Wakanda alone to thrive on its own. And one person is loving how the president is having a Twitter war with King T’Challa because even bad press is good press in this day and age.

The stand out moments come at the close of the segment, first with the woman who knows exactly why Trump would be verbally sparring with the King of Wakanda. Then we get the biggest fool in the entire thing thanks to the girl who thinks any movie about Wakanda would be a failure because “people don’t want to see it.”

Those are the moments that make you think it is fake because the film premiered literally across the street. But who knows.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)