See ‘Star Wars’ In A Whole New Light Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Unnecessary Censorship’

What would Star Wars be without an obscene number of different cuts and presentations of the franchise’s films? Well, Star Wars might be a bit less confusing for some, but the massive scope Star Wars holds seems makes the debates and analysis over different Star Wars cuts their own cottage industry. Friday’s very Force-friendly edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! was stuffed with Star Wars content including a version of the film you’ve never seen before.

“Unnecessary Censorship – Star Wars Edition” is everything you imagine it is. A beep here, a blur there and you’ve gotten a new (presumably) sweary take on the classic sci-fi saga. It’s all very silly, naughtiest kid in 6th grade stuff and totally works as always.

Beyond making lightsabers look like peach dongs, Kimmel’s Star Wars extravaganza was packed with other treats for franchise obsessives. For one, the cast of The Last Jedi popped by to talk Porgs and non-Porg related issues with the ABC light night host.

BB-8 rolled by and got an enormous ovation befitting a well-liked movie gizmo

Also, Kimmel and Guillermo presented some ideas to Last Jedi director Rian Johnson that COULD ROCK THE VERY FOUNDATION OF STAR WARS. Or simply serve as a fun late night set. If Kimmel and Roy Moore are going to have that fight for the Christian Values Universal Title (or whatever), I want bikini Chewbacca at ringside. This is non-negotiable.