Jimmy Kimmel Is Doing His Part To Support James Comey Following His Sudden Firing As Director Of The FBI

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Much like The Daily Show, Jimmy Kimmel got an early shot to comment on James Comey’s shocking removal as the director of the FBI. While he could’ve easily parlayed the attention he got for his healthcare monologue last week into another politically charged segment to kick off tonight’s show, he remembered he was Jimmy Kimmel and took the funnier road instead. Instead of just running down the details of what happened today with Comey and the ongoing investigation into the Russian ties in the Trump campaign, Kimmel decides to do something to help the guy who just lost his job.

It truly is an outrageous situation, as Kimmel says, so a fine t-shirt is the least Americans can purchase for the cool price of $29.99. With that, the host promises to write a strongly-worded letter to The White House and put the money towards that. At least some of it.

The shirt is a nice looking one too. You could probably toss that on Etsy or Red Bubble right now and get a few folks to slap it on a shirt or patch. You might end up making a little money too, enough to roll around on while Comey reflects on his short FBI career and ends up taking a sweet gig at CNN.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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