‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Ends With A Fitting Farewell To The Sunshine We Needed In Dark Times

01.24.19 5 months ago


Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt first surfaced from the bunker in March 2015. That’s only a few years ago, but given the embattled, current sociocultural climate, doesn’t it feel like much longer?

Ellie Kemper’s titular Kimmy emerged after 15 years as a kidnapping victim of Jon Hamm’s doomsday reverend, and viewers have reaped the benefits of periodic check-ins with the rose-tinted and consistently hilarious series. The series never overthinks or dwells too long upon things, even while touching upon serious issues, and that’s exactly what one receives in this final batch of episodes. Although Kimmy’s saying goodbye, she leaves us, and the rest of the show’s characters, in a brighter place. That’s not an easy feat in 2019, and while this Tina Fey/Robert Carlock brainchild might not spring to mind every day, week, or even month — there are simply too many TV shows out there to distract us — this plucky heroine makes her audience capable of taking on the world with a renewed perspective.

Netflix may still drop an Unbreakable movie at some point, but the streaming service has been quiet on that possible development, so we may as well assume that Kimmy and friends are done. While they’ve been at our binge-watching disposal, we’ve endured one of the most fraught political cycles in recent history and witnessed the #MeToo movement’s height. In these final fourth-season episodes, the story obviously hasn’t saved the world, but Kimmy infuses the hope that she might do so within her own universe. She sets about that feat with tactics that the irreverent series deserves, all while evaluating what’s really a traumatic past for her in a way that this show does reliably well.

The process of writing this review was almost too easy. Basically, the existing, effusive template that’s worked so far for the series still serves as a source of escapist enthusiasm. If you loved Kimmy and friends so far, you’ll appreciate the way their stories conclude, for these reasons:

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