AMC Closes The Kitchen On ‘Feed The Beast’ After One Season

If David Schwimmer’s really going to be back in our lives, it seems he’ll have to find another way to say “Juice” while wearing a funny hairpiece. At least that’s the first thing to come to mind on the heels of finding out that Feed The Beast, Schwimmer’s series about chef’s and sommeliers and the criminals who want to kill them has been iced by AMC.

Per Deadline, the network decided to cancel the show about a month after it finished up a 10-episode first season. Lousy reviews (24 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and not awesome ratings seem to have doomed the project, about a couple of best friends who encounter a litany of issues as they try to open a restaurant. Jim Sturgess, of 21 and Cloud Atlas fame, played the other half of the duo.

Deadline reports that the show lost more than half of the audience it inherited from its lead-in, Preacher, after premiering back in June. The show then stumbled even further after moving to Tuesday nights, with just 406,000 viewers tuning in for what would eventually be the series finale.

Schwimmer, who will be up for an Emmy in a couple weeks for his portrayal of doomed friend of O.J./father of a reality TV dynasty Robert Kardashian in The People v. O.J. Simpson, couldn’t bring the same, juicy magic to Feed The Beast. Maybe if he’d reached the milestone of saying “Juice” 100 times on People v. O.J., the incredible good karma created by such a feat would have saved him, his next project, and every other project he makes from here to the end of time.

Thankfully, even with no more Feed The Beast, we’ll always have this.

(Via Deadline)