Kristen Bell Leads Conan In A Long Discussion About Her Obsession With ‘Big Juicy Buns’

Kristen Bell has made a mark in late night this week while promoting the latest Bad Moms film. Not only did she come to Jimmy Kimmel Live dressed as Magnum P.I. and ready to rock out with some choice cuts from the Frozen metal album alongside guest host Dave Grohl. On Wednesday, she’s talking butts with Conan. This is probably right up Coco’s alley given his long-running creep persona on the air, but Bell is ready to go deep into her love for butts and other enhancements that women can opt for without going under the knife.

It all begins when Conan brings up a photograph of Bell that she posted during the Golden Globes earlier in the year, showing off her butt pads and breaking down the mystique of the butt. Why would someone use a butt pad? Why not, says Bell. She’s a fan of the buns and cakes, possibly stirring the ghost of the Junkyard Dog back to life for one more dance. Sometimes you want to look good and you want that little bump when you can get it naturally, so why not put on a butt pad. Boost it out there, have a good time, go crazy.

But it doesn’t just stop with the butts for Bell. As she tells Conan, she’s also a big fan of using the medical tape to attach her nipples to her shoulders and give them that lift. Sometimes you have to go to crazy lengths to make these fashion choices work, it seems. Meanwhile some folks don’t wear regular pants unless they leave the house and others don’t own any shirts with sleeves.

(Via Team Coco)