Kristen Schaal Explained The Lack Of Dead Bodies On ‘Last Man On Earth’

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TMZ’s cameras caught Last Man on Earth star Kristen Schaal at LAX this morning, to which she was adorably excited to be approached. After asking a few dumb questions about why they didn’t move to Miami instead, and who the guy in the spaceship was (it said “MILLER” on his name tag), the Australian cameraman actually brought up a decent point: Where are all the dead bodies?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t genuinely wonder this myself from time to time. I mean, it was a virus-induced apocalypse. We’ve all read The Stand. There would be rotting bodies strewn everywhere, and those fancy Tuscon homes would be filled with putrid-smelling corpses. Instead, even the roads and highways are free of abandoned cars. And I’m not buying my husband’s lame explanation that “they all died at the hospital.”

Schaal was kind enough to finally clear things up, however. The short answer is that the network didn’t like the idea of bodies. The long, Kristen Schaal answer (which I prefer) is that the virus caused human bodies to disintegrate upon death, along with all of their clothes.

Mystery solved!