Kristen Schaal Farted On Will Forte During Their ‘Last Man On Earth’ Sex Scene

On Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, Kristen Schaal recounted her first ever sex scene with Will Forte, which took place in a recent episode of Last Man on Earth. If you can recall the scene, it involved Schaal’s Carol on top of Will Forte’s character Phil yelling through intercourse, followed by Carol eating some post-coital canned beans.

According to Kristen Schaal, those scenes were actually filmed out of order, with the bean scene getting filmed prior to the actual sex scene… and you know what they say about beans being the musical fruit. Short story even shorter, pretty much the only thing that can get Will Forte to break character is getting farted on by Kristen Schaal.

Here’s the extended lovemaking scene, for point of reference: