Kristen Stewart Triumphs Over Jimmy Fallon In ‘Jell-O Shot Twister’

Jimmy Fallon is known for the goofy games he makes celebrities play on The Tonight Show. There have been numerous dance offs, some appearances of old favorite “name that tune”, and even a round of “The Whisper Challenge” with Kristen Stewart. Fallon can always be relied upon to bust out a game with crazy rules or a ridiculous premise and then force extremely famous people to play them with him. He’s basically that one friend in middle school who always invited people to a sleepover and then created elaborately detailed games in which everyone had to participate lest they risk not being invited to the next party.

Kristen Stewart returned to the Tonight Show couch to promote her upcoming movie Equals and fell into a “crazy game with Fallon” trap during her visit. This time around, she was tasked with going against Jimmy in a game of “Jell-O Twister,” which is definitely a game that he found during his most recent trip to a Boston frat house. The early going was easy for the pair, until they had both hands on a spot and hand to figure out how to take a Jell-O shot without moving them (spoiler alert: they just cheated and took the shot).

While one might think this game would be hard because of trying to play twister and also drink, Kristen Stewart only really had trouble eating so much gelatin so quickly. Thinking about it, “I’m full” is a pretty rough thing to feel when you are doubled over and twisted around trying to win a game. Stewart ended up on top in the end (literally), dumping Fallon over and emphatically enjoying her win. Jimmy might have to think of a harder challenge the next time around if he wants to have a shot at beating Stewart.

(via The Tonight Show)