Kristen Stewart Plays A Serious Round Of ‘The Whisper Challenge’ With Jimmy Fallon

Unlike many of her 20-something peers, Kristen Stewart generally refuses to play the fame game. She regularly loses her sh*t at the paparazzi. She tends to clam up about her personal life in interviews, rather than dropping quotable tidbits sure to set off a Twitter firestorm. She’s oft-cited for her awkward late-night banter, suggesting she doesn’t care to promote what terrible people might refer to as a “personal brand.”

It’s all pretty admirable, really. Stewart’s much more comfortable being herself and dealing with headlines like “Kristen Stewart’s Awkward Appearance on David Letterman” than she is stepping into some kind of preordained Hollywood persona. As Stewart herself put it in an interview with Vanity Fair France: “The [gossipy stories about actors] are fun, but do you not realize that there are characters that have been cast in the media and people like to get their weekly fill on these stories? It’s like soap opera. I try not to let it mess with me, because my true personal life, as much as people think they know about it, they don’t know dick sh*t.” Indeed! We do not.

All of this makes Stewart’s most recent late-night interview that much more charming: Because y’all know it’s real. Last night, Stewart dropped by The Tonight Show to play “The Whisper Challenge” with host Jimmy Fallon. It’s an expletive-ridden, panicky round of the game, complete with Stewart yelling, “I hate losing, I hate it!” and admitting, “I’m not good at stuff like this, dude.” Fallon has to remind the ever-serious Stewart several times that all of it’s “just a game.” The entire thing is even more delightful considering last time Stewart dropped by Fallon’s show, she joked that it had been a “mistake.” And because Kristen Stewart has clearly has never seen Dazed and Confused.