Leslie Jones Mistakes Kristen Stewart For A Keebler Elf In Her First ‘SNL’ Promo

To be fair, putting the diminutive Kristen Stewart and Alessia Cara next to Leslie Jones in one camera shot does make them both look kind of like elves, or at least people of elvish descent. That doesn’t mean it isn’t rude to call them that to their face though! Of course, that’s what the always-hilarious Leslie Jones does in the ladies’ first Saturday Night Live promo spot for this weekend’s show. While introducing themselves as the host and musical guest, Jones not only says she “loves those cookies they make” but also calls Stewart out on her complete lack of apparent enthusiasm for the job.

Of course, Stewart’s lack of enthusiasm in interviews, on red carpets, and when promoting projects throughout her career has long been noticed by fans and detractors alike. Although she has gotten far more comfortable in her own skin and promoting her work as she has grown older and become used to the Hollywood apparatus, there is still a reticence there for Stewart to be overly enthusiastic and “fun” in every press appearance as other young starlets are known to do.

The show being aware of this background isn’t shocking nor is the writers wanting to use it as the basis for a sketch or two isn’t either. But Stewart’s willingness to go along with it is a nice surprise. Here’s hoping when Saturday night at 11:30pm comes around Stewart will be just as self deprecating in the show itself as she was in this very amusing set of promos.