Kristen Stewart Went Full Justin Bieber In Her Recent Music Video Appearance

Now sure, the headline says that Kristen Stewart pulled out a Justin Bieber impression during a recent music video shoot with Jenny Lewis, at least it does in so many words. That’s still very true and you can see her mime Bieber with a fake mustache during the course of the video. It’s odd, but it works. But that’s not what led to me to want to post this clip from Conan.

What drew me to this one is Kristen Stewart’s tale about being so nervous while meeting Robert Redford at Sundance, she blurted out that she was going to sh*t her pants. A good sh*t story is hard to turn down, but it’s made even better when a Hollywood legend is present and he AGREES with the feeling. Can’t beat that.

(Via Team Coco)