Kristen Wiig Made Her New ‘Tonight Show’ Debut As Harry Styles And Sang One Direction With Jimmy Fallon

Editorial Director
02.19.14 5 Comments

It was a pretty eventful second outing for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. There was the best barber shop quartet cover yet, Jerry Seinfeld making observations about the Olympics, and Lady Gaga singing pretty damn impressively.

Oh, and there was also Kristen Wiig making a habit of showing up on Jimmy Fallon’s show as another person. Previously she did Late Night as Michael Jordan, and last night she made her Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon debut as One Direction’s Harry Styles (to the gut-wrenching dismay of tweens allowed to stay up past midnight everywhere).

The improv’d Q&A with Jimmy and Make Believe Harry is solid, but it’s the karaoke duet to “(You Don’t Know the Words to) You Don’t Know Your Beautiful” to close the interview that really brings the whole thing home.

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