Kristen Wiig Attempts To Improvise Her Way Through An Interview As Peyton Manning

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02.12.16 2 Comments

Kristen Wiig is always showing up on The Tonight Show as some character that isn’t herself. She helped Jimmy Fallon usher in his reign as late-night prom king dressed as Harry Styles and then she returned a few months later as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. Tonight she’s back as Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning and the resemblance is uncanny. She is essentially a late-night chameleon and Peyton is her prey.

Fallon interviews Manning without skipping a beat — unless you count all the senseless laughing. And Wiig manages to keep up an almost perfect Peyton Manning clone. The only thing missing is a mention of Budweiser, a kiss for Papa John, and some sort of stupid mark on the forehead. But she does have his skillful throwing down, almost throwing better than the current version of Manning.

Honestly, you have to think Wiig shows up for these interviews and they give her a selection of costumes. She then chooses one and then has to go with it for the interview, even if she doesn’t like a thing about it. That or these are meticulously scripted skits and Wiig is forced to meander through a script before her interview begins. It’s like Stefon, but without the hilarious surprises.

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

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