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In one of the more brazen loads of horse feces you’ll read this week, Kristin Cavallari compared MTV’s polished turd “The Hills” to Larry David’s edgy HBO comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” (Kanye West is just here for the facepalm.)

The [“Hills”] producers write to [Cavallari] with the storylines they have in mind. She shows up to the pre-selected locations for the episodes, which are shot Wednesday through Friday each week. And then she improvises, often going for the jugular on hot-button issues she knows will stir up controversy.

“They tell us what to talk about,” she said, shrugging. “Listen, I have fun with it. They film ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ the same way.” [Show Tracker]


Yup, that’s right: we’ve got no shortage of facepalms today, kids. Because that rigorous three-days-a-week work schedule pays Cavallari $90,000 an episode. Thirty thousand dollars a day to wear makeup, go to a restaurant, and chew through awkward silences. I sure hope the editors can find the right Jason Mraz song to play over that.

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