The Krusty Burger Was Voted One Of The Most Influential Burgers Of All Time

Can’t type, eating.

The 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time

17. The Krusty Burger

The fictional Simpsons hangout was so popular, it became a real-life restaurant in 2013, when Universal Studios Orlando opened a Simpsons theme park. Ironically, menu staples like the Clogger Burger and the Mother Nature Burger—dismissed as gross on the cartoon—fetch over $10 in real life. (Via)

Elsewhere in the top-17 (?): the Quadruple Bypass Burger, the In-N-Out Burger, and sadly at number one, the White Castle Slider, which completely disgraces the fine legacy of the chef who died making the Good Burger. R.I.P. Kel.

That ska hasn’t aged a day since 1997. Like a Big Mac.

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