KTLA’s Sam Rubin Is Furious That Diane Sawyer Is Interviewing Kardashian Enabler Bruce Jenner

Senior Writer
04.07.15 6 Comments

ABC announced yesterday that Diane Sawyer landed an exclusive two-hour interview with Bruce Jenner that will air on Friday, April 24. The special will simply be entitled “Bruce Jenner – The Interview,” and while almost everyone assumed that it will be about the former Olympic athlete’s gender transition, ABC News officials are being vague, calling it “far-ranging” in terms of topics. After all, Bruce is a part of his wife Kris Jenner’s massive momager empire, so maybe he’s far more interested in talking about life with the Kardashians.

Someone who isn’t excited about this two-hour special is KTLA’s outspoken Morning News entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, who thinks that a serious journalist like Sawyer needs to be talking to Barack Obama or other world leaders instead a man who is a “passive participant in what can best be described as a cultural crime that has gone on for years.” He also called CNN’s Brian Stetler “an idiot” for describing this as a “big scoop.” Put on your gloves, because takes don’t get much hotter than this.

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