Kumail Nanjiani Had To Warn His Mom About His Racy Graffiti From ‘Silicon Valley’

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08.14.14 3 Comments

Silicon Valley was one of the nice gems from this round of programming on HBO. Mike Judge has never really disappointed me and it didn’t hurt that the cast was fantastic. One of the best parts was the relationship between Martin Starr’s Gilfoyle and Kumail Nanjiani as Dinesh. Their bitter, but somewhat friendly co-existence was one reason to tune in every week.

Another reason was to see what kind of craziness Pied Piper would get into that week. They topped it off with the dick jokes to end all dick jokes, but one of the more memorable scenes from earlier in the season is when T.J. Miller’s Erlich hires a well-known street artist to create their company logo. He did and the result was Nanjiani’s character f*cking the Statue of Liberty.

The best part is above when Nanjiani tells Conan that he called his mother to warn her before the episode aired. Her response is perfect:

“Kumail, we just got to this country. They’re going to send us back. Like we just became citizens.”

She has nothing to worry about of course. If you can dip Christ in piss and portray the president as a vampire on the cover of a newspaper, you can basically do anything in this country.

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