Kumail Nanjiani Wanders The Catacombs Of 30 Rock Plaza As He Searches For ‘SNL’s’ Studio 8H

It’s been a banner year for Kumail Nanjiani. His show Silicon Valley is more popular than ever, he saw huge success with his semi-autobiographical The Big Sick (which everyone really should see), and he was even called a “cuck” by Trump supporters in Los Angeles. It must be hard for him to top those landmark moments over the last 12 months (or his guest spot on his beloved X-Files), but now he’s hosting Saturday Night Live with the musical guest Pink. That’s an impressive number of boxes checked for anyone over the course of a career, let alone a few months.

Too bad Nanjiani can’t find his way to the fabled Studio 8H that hosts SNL.

Continuing the long line of solid mini-sketches that preview a host’s time on the show, we get to watch Nanjiani, lit like a badass, walk down the halls of the studio in slow motion (like a badass). This is it — his (badass) superhero moment. He’s made it… Until he realizes that he’s never been on the set before, so he politely asks for directions. Thankfully, Sandy, an NBC page, is there to help him get to the legendary studio, and they both look like badasses doing it.