Kumail Nanjiani Turned Into A Total Fanboy While Visiting ‘The X-Files’ Set

Lots of people have podcasts about old TV shows (if Talkin’ Taxi doesn’t exist, it should). But not everyone is also the star of an Emmy-nominated HBO comedy, and one of our favorite funny people, and gets to visit the set of his favorite show ever because he’s going to be on it.

Proving that, yes, dreams do indeed come true, Kumail Nanjiani will be on the resurrected Fox series this season (someone in the casting department is a major Community fan), in an episode written by the great Darin Morgan. He broke the news on Twitter, and teased an upcoming episode of his highly enjoyable X-Files Files podcast with some special guests.

I have never met Nanjiani. I will probably never meet Nanjiani. But I still want to congratulate him for being on The X-Files. Anyone who willingly watches “Teso Dos Bichos,” arguably the worst episode of the entire show (great cat fight, though), deserves good things.