Kurt Sutter Says A Familiar Face Is Very Interested In Appearing On ‘The Bastard Executioner’

Premiere Screening Of FX's "Sons Of Anarchy" - Red Carpet
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The next Kurt Sutter creation, The Bastard Executioner, will arrive on September 15. That leaves the internet a little less than a month to whip itself into an anticipatory frenzy over the most depraved showrunner’s effort to out-deprave himself. Although, seriously, the the show’s original title would have been a slammin’ weekly hashtag on Twitter. Is it too late to change it up?

Sutter stoked the fires with a teasing conversation with Entertainment Weekly. He hinted that there’s one Sons of Anarchy cast member who really wants to appear on TBE. The magazine ran an online poll on Saturday where people could guess the answer, and they revealed Sutter’s take on Sunday. The answer seems all too obvious in retrospect, but Charlie Hunnam is raring to return to comfort territory. Sutter says he and Hunnam have spoken:

“Charlie really wants to come and do, like, a little arc but, he’s sort of booked solid for the next three years, so I don’t know if that’ll happen. But we still have Timothy V. Murphy and I’m sure we’ll get some of our Irish dudes that we cast at some point on Sons. It’s hard to schlep over American actors. It’s been primarily British actors, other than all the people that are related to me that are in the show.

Sutter’s voice was reportedly full of regret and “disappointment” over Hunnam’s packed schedule. Well, he created a monster alright. Hunnam’s bare tush (and the rest of him) is in high demand. Interestingly enough, Sutter didn’t close the door on bringing Walton Goggins in for a bit of Venus Van Dam action:

“But it’s so funny. I was actually thinking, ‘I wonder if we could have a medieval Venus Van Dam? What did transgender look like in the 1300s?'”

Oh, that would be a glorious cameo. The enigmatic Venus could time travel her way back into ye olde gentlemen’s graces. Weirder things have happened on television, and this would a nice nod to SOA‘s seldom appreciated quirky side. Sutter also said Tommy Flanagan is interested in making an appearance. Now there’s an idea.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)