Kurt Sutter Spoils How Many ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Club Members Will Die This Season

This is all very confusing to me, and I’m not so sure that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is not straight-up trolling us, but he revealed to Entertainment Weekly just how many Sons of Anarchy club members will die this season, and considering that the show is based on Hamlet (where practically everyone died), the answer might surprise you.

“Two club members will be dead. I don’t think there’ll be more than that,” he told EW.

Well, that’s both confusing, and might actually make sense. After all, Gemma is not a club member, and I’d expect her to die, and Nero Padilla and his gang aren’t club members, and we can surely expect a huge body count with the rival gangs.

The truth is, there’s not that many main SAMCRO members left. There’s 1) Jax, 2) Juice, 3) Bobby, 4) Tig, 5) Chibs, 6) Happy, and 7) Ratboy. Ratboy and Happy are hardly main cast members at all, and so if two die, that’s pretty much 40 percent of the main club member cast.

Obviously, those two will be Juice and Jax.

Right? Bobby’s gotta become President, Chibs has to be his VP, and Tig has to run off with Venus Van Dam. It’s the only plausible scenario.

Source: EW

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