Netflix Just Renewed A Bunch Of Shows, Including ‘Lady Dynamite’

Ugh, who needs all that pesky free time, eh? Netflix knows that the public can’t be trusted with large chunks of time where we’re not binge-watching things (thanks for keeping us busy, Stranger Things!), so the streaming giant is doing their part to monopolize your schedule with some pipin’ hot renewal news. (No, Splatter isn’t being revived. We’re bummed about that too.)

The Verge reports that the renewal fairy has shaken their wand favorably in the direction of a number of Netflix shows. Maria Bamford’s critically acclaimed comedy Lady Dynamite has gotten the go-ahead for a second season, same with Rob Schneider’s critically loathed comedy Real Rob. Netflix is also keeping Chelsea as their late night talk show of choice, ordering 90 episodes of Chelsea Handler’s post-E! offering. The Ranch and Chef’s Table (which will be Chef’s Table: France) will be returning with new episodes this fall and the cult darling Black Mirror is slated for a spot in your streaming schedule starting in October.

News has also tumbled out about developments with Jason Bateman’s upcoming drama Ozark. The series, which centers around Bateman as a financial planner, will also feature Laura Linney as part of the cast. Ozark is being hyped as a Netflix program that will take on the deep dirty subject of capitalism, so it’s best to get your Scrooge McDuck money baths in now before you feel shame about it.

(Via The Verge)

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