Lady Gaga Filmed An ‘American Horror Story’ Sex Scene Wearing Nothing But Pasties And A Band-Aid

We’re reaching critical mass with American Horror Story: Hotel news, so you can pretty much expect a teaser or tidbit every other day from now until the season premieres on October 7. Entertainment Weekly got the opportunity to spend a few days on set, and were privy to a sexy and murderous scene involving a foursome with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer’s characters and two other characters. I say “murderous” because — spoiler alert — the scene apparently climaxes with the other couple getting their throats slashed and Gaga and Bomer drinking their blood, because Lady Gaga is some kind of vampire this season.

The piece also provides insight to what it’s like working with Lady Gaga. We’ve already heard glowing reviews from Ryan Murphy and some of the cast, but just to reiterate: When Gaga goes in, she goes all in. Surprising, coming from someone who once donned a suit of meat.

“You write a foursome for her and you expect a lot of questions. She never did that. She showed up and she was wearing diamond pasties, a Band-Aid on her hoo-ha, heels, and a black veil that Alexander McQueen made for her on the day before his death.

Speaking of what Lady Gaga brings to the set, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the single greatest paragraph in all of entertainment writing, ever:

Case in point: Her presence attracts a visit from John Travolta, who is shooting Murphy’s miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson next door. Still in costume as defense attorney Robert Shapiro, Travolta hugs Gaga, who’s in a robe and diamond pasties, and they launch into a conversation about Travolta’s good pal Barbra Streisand.

My only question is why are we not getting constant, behind-the-scenes updates from American Crime Story? Oh, the pillow fights they must be having.

(Via EW)