Lady Gaga Is Killing It On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ According To The Show’s Cast

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If anyone had any doubts about Lady Gaga as an actor on American Horror Story: Hotel, the cast of the show is here to reassure you that she’s actually pretty awesome. Shooting has been going on for a while and several members of the cast, AHS veterans, no less, are singing her praises. As it turns out, Gaga is nailing her role as the owner of Ryan Murphy’s creepy Hollywood hotel.

Lady Gaga actually began filming this past week, including a “pretty spectacular murder scene” that also featured Matt Bomer. Bomer had great things to say about Gaga:

“Lady Gaga is killing the game on American Horror Story! Genius, sexy, terrifying. Total pro and beautiful soul to boot. So much fun coming your way! Inspired.”

And this is coming from someone who was possibly murdered by Lady Gaga! She’s even gracious while maybe-fictionally murdering people, so that’s saying a lot. Kathy Bates, a returning cast member who is playing the manager of Gaga’s hotel, also had wonderful things to say about Gaga, who “scared the crap” out of her character. But what about someone who has been with the show since the beginning? Sarah Paulson has been in every season since AHS: Murder House, so she’s really the one to ask — and she’s impressed:

“I think she is really an enormous gift to the show. I think she fits so right in. It’s exactly where she belongs. This story that’s being told is a perfect marriage.”

She also discussed the first time she ran into a be-turbaned Gaga in the studio parking lot:

But the person who hired her probably has the most reassuring words. Showrunner Ryan Murphy touted Gaga’s professionalism after working with her and gave us all something to really look forward to this fall:

American Horror Story: Hotel checks in to FX on October 7th.

(Via ONTD, LA Times)

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