Lake Bell Is The Bruce Springsteen Of Taking Her Clothes Off

04.15.14 4 years ago 27 Comments
lake bell esquire


In 1975, a 26-year-old Bruce Springsteen became the first rock star to appear on the covers of both Time and Newsweek in the same week. This is the kind of nostalgic NUGGET the Peter Kings of the world love to gush about — it combines their two favorite things: irrelevant magazines and old rock stars — but it’s still notable, because BRRRRUUUUUUCCCEEEEE. Anyway, that was then; Lake Bell is now.

When last we checked in with the Childrens Hospital star, she was taking her clothes off for New York. Now, she’s…taking her clothes off for GQ UK and Esquire, which wonders if Bell’s the “most important actor/director/writer of her generation,” thanks to In a World, a very good movie you should see.

As soon as you’re done looking at these.

lake bell gq


lake bell cover




And this:

lake bell gq uk


What were we talking about again?

Photos via Derek Kettela for Esquire, photos via Damon Baker for GQ

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